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Life Is Worth Living

Updated: Mar 8

Is life worth living ? In 2023 things do seem to be somewhat upside down at times. Do you ever wonder why am I here or who am I ? In order to answer these questions we need to know who we are and what values we are or not operating from. Counselling helps you explore the what, where, why and when and who shall I be with.

One of many ways to find life more meaningful is via meaning making. Meaning making is the process of understanding or make sense of life events, relationships, and self. Conscientious meaning making will help you see that life is worth living.

In life we need to continually look for meaning and understanding of our nature or essence of our existence. In counselling we find reasons to live. Once we find reasons to live we can engineer life to be more meaningful.

How does one engineer their life to be more meaningful and fulfilling? Through meaning making, positive thinking style, positive actions, active lifestyle, and social supports, such as therapy. When a therapeutic alliance between you and your therapist is created together you can start the process of clearing up and cleaning out unhelpful memories, process past traumas, life-incidents, negative thinking styles, and unhelpful behaviours, to name a few.

This blog does present a hopeful view that Life Is Worth Living. For some this is an affirmation that resonates. I want to be clear and share to the people suffering, the ones who have tried years of therapy and medical treatments and still suffer with high levels of physical pain and mental pain. If constant pain, struggle and poor quality of life has become too much to carry on, I understand. As a therapist, I will walk along side with you and your choice to leave this life with government programs such as MAID.

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