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Substance Abuse

If your behavior is out of control you may be struggling with addiction.

Addiction is the experience of withdrawal when a substance or behavior is stopped.

Addiction counselling can help. Mood counselling provides treatment for all addiction issues.

The 4 Cs of addiction:

  • Craving

  • loss of Control of amount or frequency of use

  • Compulsion to use

  • use despite Consequences.

Addiction is an urge, a compulsion to do something that is hard to control or stop and can hurt you and could even kill you. Addiction counselling explores the behavior and the motivations of the client. This exploration helps create awareness of their actions and understand themselves better.

In therapy we will work on :



  2. HOW alcohol, drugs and their effects

  3. anger management

  4. behavioral addiction

  5. boundaries

  6. co-dependency

  7. communication

  8. cultural and traditional teachings

  9. defense mechanisms

  10. grief and loss

  11. healing ceremonies and sweat lodges

  12. parenting program

  13. recreation with your family

  14. residential schools

  15. spirituality and cultural development

  16. trauma

  17. trust

  18. The Virtues Project


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